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Quick thought: Develop Software on embedded device using IntelliJ

Last week I had to develop a quick prototype on a raspberry pi. A nodeJS app that counts pulses from a liquid throughput sensor which forwards the data to a SAP Hana backend. Using a software mock for my sensor … Weiterlesen

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SOA Suite auf einer ODA? Mit O-Box ein Kinderspiel!

Eine Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) ist als geeignete Plattform für den Betrieb von Oracle Datenbanken bekannt. Die Oracle RAC oder One Node RAC Datenbanken lassen sich sehr schnell und unkompliziert auf einer ODA Maschine installieren und betreiben. Seit der Version … Weiterlesen

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Automated UI Tests for an AngularJS Material select item with protractor

Testing AngularJS applications using protractor is quiet cool. It automates the UI testing and ensures consistent quality throughout your project. Experimenting with the new Angular Material I ran into a problem: interacting with select items using the protractor API. The problem … Weiterlesen

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New ACM book: Thriving on adaptability

Keith Swenson published his new book on ACM titled “Thriving on Adaptability”. Find details here:   We are very proud that we were able to contribute a whole chapter to this book: Ontology-based ACM – The Need for Truly Adaptive … Weiterlesen

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Eindrücke vom ADF Community Meeting

Am gestrigen Dienstag fand das Meeting der Deutschen ADF Community im CVC der Oracle Niederlassung in Berlin statt. Der Fokus lag dieses Mal weniger auf den technischen Feinheiten des Frameworks, sondern auf dem Thema „Vertrieb“. Aufgrund des Themenschwerpunkts waren neben … Weiterlesen

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Short recap on OFM Summer Camps 2014

Last week the Oracle Fusion Middleware summer camps took place in Lisbon. More than 100 participants attended the event, learning much new stuff about new features and enhancements, arriving with the recently available FMW 12c release. In four parallel tracks … Weiterlesen

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Finding differences in two Open-Office-Writer documents

If you write documents and get feedback from different persons on different versions it is a great pain to merge the documents and changes together. Microsoft Word has a functionality that works quite well. But the function to compare documents … Weiterlesen

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