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Sentiment analysis concerning the refugee debate on Twitter – How R and Tableau go together

This very short article will contribute to the section “Analytics with R” and how results can be visualized using Tableau. The following few maps depict those Twitter posts that match the keywords “refugee”, “asyl” or “flüchtlinge” and that include readable information about the origin … Weiterlesen

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Automated Unittesting of XQueries in Oracle OSB

In order to support a more agile project environment, OPITZ CONSULTING developed a Java/JUnit based SOA Unit Testing Framework. Among others, the framework was capable of using the Oracle libraries to run XQuery tests locally and verify their correctness. Over … Weiterlesen

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3 Articles in the upcoming Business Technology Magazine

At the moment digitalization and IoT are taking off and belong to the hottest trends in information technology. Because of the experience OC has in Business Intelligence, Integration and Software Development we were able to publish 3 articles in the … Weiterlesen

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OFM Summer Camps 2015: Simplify Integration with ICS and SOA Suite CS

At this year’s Oracle Fusion Middleware Summer Camps in Lisbon (see also the post from our colleague Mohammed Esad-Djou) four Opitz consultants were attending the “Hybrid Integration with Integration Cloud Service, SOA Suite Cloud Service and SOA 12c” track. With … Weiterlesen

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Get an Oracle E-Mail notification via User Messaging Service Running before your coffee gets cold

I often get asked to help developers with setting up UMS, but in fact mostly focusing on the SMTP server. In the next steps I will show how you can setup a HelloWorld notification Service with reviewing the results in … Weiterlesen

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Whitepaper Serie: Integration

(english version see below) Mit den diversifizierenden Trends Mobile und Cloud Computing hat das Thema Integration noch mehr an Bedeutung gewonnen. Deshalb haben wir eine Whitepaper Serie speziell zu diesem Thema entwickelt. In dem folgenden Whitepaper dieser Serie wird in … Weiterlesen

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VirtualBox Image not starting up

I often have the situation that I get a pre-installed VirtualBox image with some new Oracle stuff to test. Sometimes these images don’t start with this error message: “This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. … Weiterlesen

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